1. When do we have to reserve the items we need for our event?

    Although we carry quite a large inventory on most items, summer is a busy time, and we run out of things on busy weekends, especially tents, dance floors and other specialty items. To avoid disappointment and extra costs, reserve early.

  2. Do we have to put down a deposit?

    We need a valid credit card # to hold your items for you. This also acts as a security deposit in case of damaged or incomplete returns and late cancellations. You’ll find all our terms and conditions in our policies.

  3. Are Saturday and Sunday a two day rental?

    That is considered a weekend rental = 1 day. We normally deliver and set up either late Friday or early Saturday and pick up late Sunday or early Monday. If you need earlier set up on Friday or later pick up on Monday, with other words, you want to use the tent on that day also, you will be charged 1 extra day, (about 20 % of the normal daily rent).

  4. Do we have to wash the dishes and glasses?

    You do not have to wash the dishes and glasses, as we have to wash and sanitize them again anyway. We ask you to rinse any plates, bowls, cutlery and glassware. If your event is in a location where rinsing is not possible, we will apply a charge of $1.80 per dozen, as it will take us twice as long to wash them in that condition.

  5. How far do you deliver?

    In the past we have delivered as far as Kimberly, Cranbrook and  Golden and many points in between. You’ll find delivery terms in our policies. Call for pricing.

  6. If we book a tent and then decide we don’t need it, because the weather is nice, do we have to pay for it?

    Cancellation for tents must occur 30 days prior to the event, or a 50 % charge will apply. We find that people like to have the tents on sunny days as well, as they provide shade and are a great focal point for your event.